Feeding your stabled horses in 2020 style

In this day and age, more and more electric vehicles are developed to relieve the environment.

We all know electric cars, scooters and buses, but also in the equine sector an increase of everyday utensils are modernized and made electric. This is of course not only of benefit for the environment but also for you as a user, it is a lot less labor intensive. Think of a feed wagon on which you can stand yourself instead of having to push it around. At Equitrend, a pioneer in innovative products for the horse industry, we have a large range of electronically powered products that any horselover would wish they would have.

Back pains

You can hardly ignore it, most feed trolleys are heavy and clumsy to maneuver. Besides the fact that it takes extra time if your feed cart goes in all directions except straight ahead, having to push the heavy cart forward day in day out is not beneficial for your back. This can cause inconveniences, especially if you have to drive the vehicle over uneven terrain. Fortunately, we have a product that will make you push your old feed cart right aside; our Electric Feed Trolley.

In balance

Specially developed for lowering the labor intensity, the convenience of the Electric Feed Trolley is of course starting with the fact that, as the name suggests, it is electrical. With the feed cart’s powerful battery, you can use the Electric Feed Trolley for up to five hours at a time. Another huge advantage is the fact that this handy feed cart has four pneumatic tires. This means the cart is always in balance and the risk of tipping is no longer there. After you have fed all horses quickly and without any effort, you can easily close the feed compartments with the lids attached to the Electric Feed Trolley. This way you are secured that vermin cannot get to the food and that you will not be surprised by unwanted visitors in your hard feeds.

Wide range

It is not only the Electric Feed Trolley that we offer at Equitrend to make work in the stable easier. For example, we also have an electric wheelbarrow with tipper and an electric straw trolley with batteries that last up to eight hours! And not only do we have electrical products in our range, it consists of all sorts of products that contribute to a lower labor intensity of the tasks all around your stables.


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This is how you muck out 12 stalls in one go

Autumn is just around the corner, which for many horse owners means that the horses will be stabled more and the time of mucking out will start again. Certainly not everybody’s hobby but with our electric wheelbarrow it can become fun! Still we understand that when the rain comes pooring down, you would rather not walk back and forth with a full wheelbarrow to the muck heap all the time. What if we also have the ideal solution for this; a device that makes it possible to easily muck out 12 stalls without having to go to the muck heap in the meantime. That sounds pretty interesting, right?

The Manure Container
It is our Manure Container that makes it possible to muck out up to 12 stalls in one go. The container, specially designed for easily cleaning out stables, has a capacity of 2,400L which is roughly equivalent to 12 full wheelbarrows. The design of the Manure Container takes into account the fact that it should be easy and practical to use. That is why a shape has been chosen which makes that the Manure Container can easily be placed in the aisle without it being immediately blocked. Because especially on large and busy yards you want to maintain a good flow in the aisle.

Easy to empty
The benefits don’t stop there; the Manure Container is also very easy to move around. This is due to the four pneumatic wheels, two of which are castors. Because the castors move very smoothly, the manure container can be moved very easily and lightly so that everyone can use it. In addition, emptying the Manure Container is a lot easier than you’d think. The hooks attached to the side make the Manure Container suitable for tipping it with a loader in the manure pit.

What is also taken into account in the design of the manure container is that the manure container comes into contact with a large amount of ammonia that comes out of the dirty straw and shavings. Anyone who regularly mucks out knows how much ammonia can corrode the strongest materials. The material then quickly becomes of a poorer quality, which reduces the service life. To prevent this from happening with the Manure Container, it is made of stainless steel. The oxide layer that is on the stainless material ensures that no rust can form. When you clean it occasionally, the manure container will look like new for years.

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This way, you’ll never have to make an effort again to keep you pasture healthy!

It is fully summer, for most horse owners this means the grazing season is in full swing. Many horses are for several hours or whole days out in the fields. But what is regularly forgotten is that the poo in the field needs to be picked up as well. Not only, a clean pasture is nicer to look at, but it also keeps horses from getting infected with worms. Cleaning the fields can sometimes be awkward and intensive. But this can be a thing of the past with the fantastic machine that we have in our range. Believe us when we say that after reading this blog, you absolutely want this machine!

 Large vacuum cleaner
The Equimunda is, as it were, a huge vacuum cleaner that has been specially developed for removing manure from pastures. The manure collector is very simple and convenient to use. The length-adjustable drawbar of the manure dredger is equipped with a tow bar coupling or towing eye ring. This allows the manure collector to be coupled behind almost any vehicle with a tow bar. Due to the low weight, it is even possible to attach the dung wagon behind a mini tractor. Due to the high suction power of the manure collector, removing both fresh and older manure is no problem at all.

 Less worming
Regular clearing out your fields is necessary for several reasons. The main reason is that by regularly removing the manure, it is possible to prevent larvae from passing with the manure and horses becoming infected with worms. Especially with high temperatures there are more insects and the larvae develop quickly. Nowadays, many horses are dewormed four times a year with the result that the larvae become resistant to the wormer. Research from several veterinarians has shown that when pastures are carefully kept clean, it is not necessary to worm the horses so often and this can be reduced to once a year.

Silent rotor
The manure collector not only contributes to lower labor intensity and improvement of the health of the horses. Equimunda is also a great invention for the environment. Just like with the newest domestic vacuum cleaners, the Equimunda has been developed in such a way that the engine is extremely quiet and causes little to no noise. This is possible because the manure collector is driven by the special Bosch Rexroth hydraulic rotor. It is also possible to couple the hydraulic drive by means of a power take-off or hydraulically directly from the tractor or the articulated loader, provided that it has an oil tank. In addition to this, the Equimunda can also be expanded with a fuel engine and a valve block.

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Make a ‘safety-zone’ from your own arena

An accident can be just around the corner at any time. Fortunately, more and more attention is being paid to reduce the severity of accidents in equestrian sports. But when it comes to improving safety, it is often about wearing an approved helmet or body protector. Adjustments to the environment, such as the arena, are often forgotten, but can increase safety for horses and riders. At Equitrend, we’ve got the perfect product that ensures that your arena becomes a true ‘safety zone’.

The Safety Wall
Hopefully you have not yet experienced it yourself, but it happens with some regularity that when a rider falls off a horse, it hits the side boards. Imagine inexperienced riding school children, falls when breaking a horse, or any other event where the rider comes off, falling is part of equestrian sports. Because most arena side boards are made of wood or steel, the riders and even the horses can suffer nasty injuries. Fortunately, this can be prevented by installing our Safety Wall. The Safety Wall is a maintenance-free side board that absorbs the blow in the event of a fall. Available in two versions and multiple colors, this is a solution that fits in every arena.

Long lifespan
What makes the Safety Wall so ‘safe’ is the combination of the design and used materials. We have chosen to work with a smooth, lightweight plastic of the highest quality. The plastic boards are also shock and impact resistant. When a rider or horse falls against the Safety Wall, it will dent and spring back slightly and by doing that, absorb the blow. An additional advantage of the Safety Wall, due to the use of plastic, is that the Safety Wall requires little to no maintenance. This means that the yard-owner spends a lot less time and money in the long run. That is a different story with the maintenance and replacement of the wooden side boards.

Suitable for any design
To make the Safety Wall attractive for everyone, there are two different versions in our range. The Safety Wall Budget and the Safety Wall Pro. The quality is of course the same for both versions. The only difference is that the Safety Wall Budget is only available in black and the Safety Wall Pro is available in any desired RAL color. Because of the possibility to choose the color yourself, the Safety Wall Pro fits exactly with your design. In addition to the Safety Wall Budget and the Safety Wall Pro, it is possible to opt for various additions, such as the special door hinges or the folding mounting block. Improving safety is never a bad choice, so don’t hesitate to make the right one.

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The feeder that should not be missing in your stables

We all want the best for our horses. They get the best tack, the best stables, the best therapies; nothing is too much to ensure that our horses are well. Yet, we often notice that in the area of nutrition things can be improved significantly. For example, at too many yards, it is not possible to provide a horse with unlimited roughage all day long in a natural way. As a result, horses often do not get the opportunity to spend enough time eating roughage during the day and the body suffers from a lack of food stimuli. Fortunately, at Equitrend we have found the solution for this underestimated problem.

The 3-in-1 Feeder
Developed with eye for the natural needs of a horse, the 3-in-1 Manger is an invention that you wish you had discovered earlier. The manger consists of three different compartments. The two smaller outer compartments are intended for concentrates and any supplements. But the middle compartment is the part that makes this manger so unique. This compartment is in fact designed to put in a complete bale of 15 kg of hay. The designers have consciously looked at the shape of the manger. It fits perfectly in the corner of the stable and there are no sharp edges, making it extra safe for the horse to eat from.

Natural behavior
Often, a large amount of roughage is offered in hay nets. This forces the horses to make an oblique and pulling movement, which in the long term has a negative effect on the horse’s neck and back and often also causes frustration. With the 3-in-1 food bowl, the design is such that the horses must eat in a natural position. Because the middle compartment is one meter deep, the horses can eat roughage with their head low in a natural and relaxed way. The possibility to place a whole bale of roughage in the compartment allows providing the horse with roughage all day long.

In addition to the many benefits for the horses, the 3-in-1 feeder is also a great product for the horse’s owner. For example, offering roughage in the middle compartment means that on average 30% less of the roughage is lost. When the roughage is laid on the ground or if it falls to the ground from the hay net, it is often stepped on and distributed through the stable. It also often happens that the horse defecates on it and will not eat it afterwards, which of course is a huge waste of roughage.

All in all, the 3-in-1 feeder should not be missing in any stable; it makes both horses and humans happier. Isn’t that what we all want?


Amadeus Horse Indoors

About to start: 4 days Amadeus Horse Indoors in Salzburg, Austria.


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Wheelbarrow behind Quad

On this picture you see the wheelbarrow behind a Quad. We delivered it at one of our customers this week. Isn’t it cool?!

JIM Maastricht

Equitrend is also represented at Jumping Indoor Maastricht. We have a stand together with Haygain, Nanopa and Equivitalfit.

Fiera Cavalli Verona

We are at Fiera Cavalli Verona together with Nanopa and Haygain! It is a great mix of Equitana, Indoor Brabant and Paard & Koets, but then the Italian way.

Used machines available

We have several used Equilizer-Arena levelers in stock. So contact us for these 2nd hand working machines!