Make a ‘safety-zone’ from your own arena

An accident can be just around the corner at any time. Fortunately, more and more attention is being paid to reduce the severity of accidents in equestrian sports. But when it comes to improving safety, it is often about wearing an approved helmet or body protector. Adjustments to the environment, such as the arena, are often forgotten, but can increase safety for horses and riders. At Equitrend, we’ve got the perfect product that ensures that your arena becomes a true ‘safety zone’.

The Safety Wall
Hopefully you have not yet experienced it yourself, but it happens with some regularity that when a rider falls off a horse, it hits the side boards. Imagine inexperienced riding school children, falls when breaking a horse, or any other event where the rider comes off, falling is part of equestrian sports. Because most arena side boards are made of wood or steel, the riders and even the horses can suffer nasty injuries. Fortunately, this can be prevented by installing our Safety Wall. The Safety Wall is a maintenance-free side board that absorbs the blow in the event of a fall. Available in two versions and multiple colors, this is a solution that fits in every arena.

Long lifespan
What makes the Safety Wall so ‘safe’ is the combination of the design and used materials. We have chosen to work with a smooth, lightweight plastic of the highest quality. The plastic boards are also shock and impact resistant. When a rider or horse falls against the Safety Wall, it will dent and spring back slightly and by doing that, absorb the blow. An additional advantage of the Safety Wall, due to the use of plastic, is that the Safety Wall requires little to no maintenance. This means that the yard-owner spends a lot less time and money in the long run. That is a different story with the maintenance and replacement of the wooden side boards.

Suitable for any design
To make the Safety Wall attractive for everyone, there are two different versions in our range. The Safety Wall Budget and the Safety Wall Pro. The quality is of course the same for both versions. The only difference is that the Safety Wall Budget is only available in black and the Safety Wall Pro is available in any desired RAL color. Because of the possibility to choose the color yourself, the Safety Wall Pro fits exactly with your design. In addition to the Safety Wall Budget and the Safety Wall Pro, it is possible to opt for various additions, such as the special door hinges or the folding mounting block. Improving safety is never a bad choice, so don’t hesitate to make the right one.

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