What our customers think of us

Bianca Schoenmakers

Showjumper with Hans Dings

“Thanks to Rob Pijnappels’s excellent service, when the boiler of my Haygain Hay steamer was defective, I was quickly given a replacement device on loan to enable me to have the other one repaired.
That it works is very obvious as when the steamer stopped working, the horse with sensitive lungs quickly started coughing again. Anyway, I am very pleased with the device and the service provided by Equitrend.”


Walda Zwart

Dressage rider

“I have been using the Haygain since 2015. Nowadays, my horses no longer like normal hay. They just do not eat it at all. They much prefer the hay out of the Haygain. My horses are clearly fitter. I noticed the difference after just 2 months. Although I have been searching for years, I have finally found a product that helps to gradually transform my horses into true athletes.”

Tineke Bartels

Dressage rider

“In the long distant past keeping the track in our arenas level was a hell of a job. We tried everything, from pulling it in with a shovel, to a hand plough and various accessories on the tractor. We eventually discovered the Equitrend arena leveller which has been saving us work on a daily basis for years and which ensures an optimal track. An additional advantage is the small size of this solid machine, making it easily accessible to use and meaning the stable girls readily get on it. It was quite a hefty investment but it has paid for itself twice over.”

Jelmer Chardon

Owner Stal Chardon

“What an invention, the E-staw trolley! Before we had an electric straw trolley, it was necessary to have several people to move straw across the yard. Now, it is much easier. It is now possible to move a whole load of straw of your own; ideal! It makes the task so much easier.”