This is how you muck out 12 stables in one go

Autumn is just around the corner, which for many horse owners means that the horses will stay more at the stable and that the time of mucking out has begun. Not everyone likes mucking out, but with our electric wheelbarrow it actually can be fun. However, we understand that if you just have a Dutch rain shower above your head, you would rather not drive all the time with a full wheelbarrow back and forth to the manure pit. But what if we also have the perfect solution for that, so that you can easily muck out 12 stables without having to walk to the manure pit in between. That sounds pretty interesting right? 


The manure container
It is our manure container that makes it possible to muck out to 12 boxes in one go. The container, specially designed for mucking out, has a capacity of 2,400L which is roughly equivalent to 12 full wheelbarrows. The design of the manure container takes into account the fact that it should be easy to use and have a practical size. That is why a format has been chosen with which the Manure container can easily be placed in the aisle without being immediately blocked. Because especially on large and busy accommodations you want to maintain a good flow of the aisle.

Easy to empty
But it doesn’t stop there, because the manure container is also very easy to move. This is due to four pneumatic tyres, where two of which being swivel tyres. Because the swivel tyres are moving very smoothly, the manure container can be moved very easily and lightly so that everyone can use it. In addition, emptying the manure container is a lot easier than you think. The hooks attached to the side make the manure container suitable for emptying it with a loader in the manure pit.

What is also taken into account in the design of the manure container is that the manure container comes into contact with a large amount of ammonia that comes out of the dirty straw. Anyone who regularly have to muck out knows how much ammonia can burn in the strongest materials. The material then quickly becomes of a poorer quality, which reduces the service life. To prevent this from happening with the manure container, it is made out of stainless steel. The oxide skin that is on the stainless material ensures that it would be able that there wil be rust formation. In this way, the Manure container will continue to look like new for years. But then of course you have to clean it occasionally.

If you want more information about our manure container, please contact us or view the rest of our range here.