Let us tell you about our HayGains

Dry and dusty roughage is a problem that many horse owners will recognize. Especially with the changing temperatures of the past period, it is even more common that the quality of the roughage deteriorates rapidly. Consider for example traces of mold on the roughage that can be found regularly. This is one of the reasons why nowadays 1 in 6 stabled horses has chronic breathing problems that have come from eating poor quality roughage. But with one very simple device, these complaints can be prevented and even reduced.

Clean lungs
It is well known that dust in hay and straw is one of the main factors for causing a respiratory tract infection. Yet, too little is being done to prevent horses from getting an infection. This is evidenced by the fact that over 80% of the stabled horses have ever contracted an airway infection with the cause of too dusty or moldy roughage. Even more than 15% of the horses with a respiratory tract infection are left with permanent damage, making performance sometimes impossible. These figures might be quite shocking, but it does indicate the seriousness of the situation. Fortunately, our HayGain can help you to optimize the health of your horse.

Perfect temperature
In short, the HayGain is a steam box that combats all dust, mold spores, bacteria and mites. This makes the machine also suitable for use with horses that have certain allergies or are hypersensitive. Steaming roughage in the HayGain is done using a unique method. Inside the insulated container is a steam generator that has been specially developed by HayGain itself for steaming roughage. The steam generator ensures that the steam that is produced is above 100 degrees Celsius, so that all fungi and other harmful pathogens are killed. We often see that when the roughage is dry, this is made wet with a garden hose. What only very few people know is that this only produces wet roughage to which the dust sticks to even faster and because the roughage will easily heat up due to moisture, and creates the perfect circumstances for bacteria to grow and that is precisely what you do not want.

For everyone
In addition to the advantage that the health of your horse will increase enormously when using the HayGain, there are even more advantages to it. At Equitrend we have three different sizes of the HayGain in our range. The HayGain HG2000 that can steam one whole bale in one go, the HayGain HG600 that is suitable for half a bale and the HayGain One+ that is suitable for hay nets or a quarter bale. In addition, at HayGain we understand that not everyone has hours to spend waiting until the roughage is steamed. That is why all HayGains are equipped with a strong steam generator that can steam the entire content within 60 minutes.
Make sure your horse does not become part of that 80% of horses that have contracted an airway infection and convince yourself with the HayGain.

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