From now on, mucking out is going to be fun!

Mucking out, certainly when having to do multiple stables, is a complete workout. Most wheelbarrows are suitable for mucking out one stall, which means that you either have to walk back and forth several times, or have to fill up the wheelbarrow super full. The first option takes up lots of time, the second risks making the wheelbarrow too heavy and straining your back during emptying. But all of the aforementioned situations are a thing of the past with our unique wheelbarrows with tipping function. Available in different sizes up to 600L and with a model that is electrically powered, mucking out becomes simply fun!

If you muck out regularly, it is probably a recognizable situation that you do your best to keep your balance and get to the muck heap without the wheelbarrow tipping over. Fortunately our wheelbarrows are fitted with no less than two front tires which makes that the wheelbarrow always remains in balance and you can even walk with one hand in a straight line to the muck heap. Another advantage of the two front tires is that they are made of 4-ply and are equipped with steel rims and ball bearings so that the heavy-weight wheelbarrow can withstand both inside and outside conditions.

Better size
Once arrived safely at the muck heap, it can sometimes be quite challenging to empty regular wheelbarrows if they are very full and heavy. To relieve your back, our wheelbarrows are equipped with special tipping buckets, so you can dump all the manure out easily. This can also be very useful if you want to, for example, top up the waterbins in the fields. The wheelbarrows are available in 430L and 600L and are therefore larger than the average wheelbarrow. Because the bucket is made of polyethylene and supported by a galvanized frame, the wheelbarrow is also designed to withstand rough handling which can be pretty useful with horses.

Real luxury
Do you want to make mucking out even easier for yourself? Then we also have an electric wheelbarrow in our range which is, besides all the aforementioned conveniences, equipped with an electric motor so that you can drive all the manure back and forth with almost no effort. The electrically driven wheelbarrow is supplied with 2 batteries of 24V. This makes it possible to use the wheelbarrow for up to 4 to 5 hours, which is enough for the largest stables to muck out all stalls.

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