The burden of carrying poles

What would be better than in the summer setting up a jumping course in the outdoor arena without having to carrie around the obstacles endlessly? Not much indeed! Not everyone has the luxury to leave the obstacles in the arena after building a jumping course. Many riders will therefore be carrying and lifting poles time after time. With our pole trolley we release you from endless walking back and forth. All you have to do is load the poles on the trolley in one go and push the trolley back in its place.

Huge capacity
At every riding facility where poles are used, only once in a while or regularly,  the pole trolley is essential. Due to the special design, the pole trolley has a huge capacity with the possibility to hang 120 jumping poles. This makes it possible to transport all poles of a complete course in one go. What positively surprised many users of our pole trolley is that is extremely stable and easy to maneuver, both loaded and unloaded. This stability is due to the sturdy turntable and wide pneumatic tires. Due to this design the trolley can be used on any surface.

Jump trolley
But when building or dismantling a course, it is not only the poles but also the uprights that must be transported. The other version of the pole trolley, the jump trolley, is the best solution for that. Equipped with a special eye-ring on the handle, it has the possibility to link the jump trolley tot the pole trolley, making it possible to build and dismantle the course even faster. Just like the pole trolley, the jump trolley is extremely stable due to its wide pneumatic tires and sturdy turntable. An additional advantage of both the jump trolley and the pole trolley is the fact that both wagons are quite narrow and can therefore easily be stowed. The jump trolley is only 150 cm wide and 350 cm long, the pole trolley is with its 120 cm wide and 250 cm long even smaller.

Increased longivity
We understand, of course, that when all your valuable jumping equipment is properly stored, it must also remain clean and tidy. A special canopy is designed for both the pole – and jump trolley. This is a canvas hood that protects the obstacle material and poles against all weather conditions and keeps them dustfree as well. This is the perfect way to store all your jumping materials outside and ensures that the material will last longer and the poles will rot less quickly.

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