Do you already have a Pole Trolley

What could be better in the summer than jumping a parcours without having to drag the obstacle material endlessly after it? Quite a few indeed! Not everyone has the luxury of being able to leave all jumping material behind after using it. Many riders and amazons will therefore be familiar with the endless lifting of the poles .But with our Pole Trolley we relieve you of endless walking back and forth with the poles. The only thing you have to do is put all the poles on the Pole Trolley and put the wagon away.


Huge capacity
The Pole Trolley is indispensable on every accommodation where jumping poles are sometimes or regularly used. Due to the special design, the Pole Trolley has an enormous capacity which makes it possible to hang up 120 jumping poles. This makes it even possible to build or rebuild a retire cours in one go! What positively surprised many users of our beam wagon is that the Pole Trolley is extremely stable and easy to maneuver, both loaded and unloaded. The stability of the Pole Trolley is due to the robust turntable and wide pneumatic tires. In this way the Pole Trolley can be used on any terrain.


Obstacle truck
But when building or rebuilding a course, the poles are of course not the only part, even the other jumping material must be placed. The second version of the Pole Trolley, namely the Jump Trolley, is the best tool for that. Equipped with a special eye on the handle, there is the possibility to connect the Pole Trolley to the Jump Trolley, making assembly and dismantling even faster. Just like the Pole Trolley, the Pole Trolley is extremely stable due to its wide pneumatic tires and robust turntable. An additional advantage of both Pole Trolley and Jump Trolley is the fact that both cars are very small and can therefore easily be parked. The Jump Trolley has a dimension of only 150 cm wide and 350 cm long, the Pole Trolley with its 120 cm wide and 250 cm long is a lot smaller.


Longer life span
Especially for the stables where the jumping material is parked outside, we also have the Pole Trolley with hood. Because the hood is made of high-quality sail, the poles and the other jumping material are perfectly protected against all weather conditions. In this way all obstacle material will stay in much better condition and will last a lot longer. Ideal right ?!

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