Feeding your stabled horses in 2020 style

In this day and age, more and more electric vehicles are developed to relieve the environment.

We all know electric cars, scooters and buses, but also in the equine sector an increase of everyday utensils are modernized and made electric. This is of course not only of benefit for the environment but also for you as a user, it is a lot less labor intensive. Think of a feed wagon on which you can stand yourself instead of having to push it around. At Equitrend, a pioneer in innovative products for the horse industry, we have a large range of electronically powered products that any horselover would wish they would have.

Back pains

You can hardly ignore it, most feed trolleys are heavy and clumsy to maneuver. Besides the fact that it takes extra time if your feed cart goes in all directions except straight ahead, having to push the heavy cart forward day in day out is not beneficial for your back. This can cause inconveniences, especially if you have to drive the vehicle over uneven terrain. Fortunately, we have a product that will make you push your old feed cart right aside; our Electric Feed Trolley.

In balance

Specially developed for lowering the labor intensity, the convenience of the Electric Feed Trolley is of course starting with the fact that, as the name suggests, it is electrical. With the feed cart’s powerful battery, you can use the Electric Feed Trolley for up to five hours at a time. Another huge advantage is the fact that this handy feed cart has four pneumatic tires. This means the cart is always in balance and the risk of tipping is no longer there. After you have fed all horses quickly and without any effort, you can easily close the feed compartments with the lids attached to the Electric Feed Trolley. This way you are secured that vermin cannot get to the food and that you will not be surprised by unwanted visitors in your hard feeds.

Wide range

It is not only the Electric Feed Trolley that we offer at Equitrend to make work in the stable easier. For example, we also have an electric wheelbarrow with tipper and an electric straw trolley with batteries that last up to eight hours! And not only do we have electrical products in our range, it consists of all sorts of products that contribute to a lower labor intensity of the tasks all around your stables.


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