No intensive workout anymore while cleaning the fields

It is spring and for most horse owners this means the grazing season will start soon. Many horses are for several hours or whole days out in the fields. But what is regularly forgotten is that the poo in the field needs to be picked up as well. Not only, a clean pasture is nicer to look at, but it also keeps horses from getting infected with worms. Cleaning the fields can sometimes be awkward and intensive. But this can be a thing of the past with the fantastic machine that we have in our range. Believe us when we say that after reading this blog, you absolutely want this machine!

Large vacuum cleaner
The Equimunda is, as it were, a huge vacuum cleaner that has been specially developed for removing manure from pastures. The manure collector is very simple and convenient to use. The length-adjustable drawbar of the manure dredger is equipped with a tow bar coupling or towing eye ring. This allows the manure collector to be coupled behind almost any vehicle with a tow bar. Due to the low weight, it is even possible to attach the dung wagon behind a mini tractor. Due to the high suction power of the manure collector, removing both fresh and older manure is no problem at all.

Less worming
Regular clearing out your fields is necessary for several reasons. The main reason is that by regularly removing the manure, it is possible to prevent larvae from passing with the manure and horses becoming infected with worms. Especially with high temperatures there are more insects and the larvae develop quickly. Nowadays, many horses are dewormed four times a year with the result that the larvae become resistant to the wormer. Research from several veterinarians has shown that when pastures are carefully kept clean, it is not necessary to worm the horses so often and this can be reduced to once a year.

Silent rotor
The manure collector not only contributes to lower labor intensity and improvement of the health of the horses. Equimunda is also a great invention for the environment. Just like with the newest domestic vacuum cleaners, the Equimunda has been developed in such a way that the engine is extremely quiet and causes little to no noise. This is possible because the manure collector is driven by the special Bosch Rexroth hydraulic rotor. It is also possible to couple the hydraulic drive by means of a power take-off or hydraulically directly from the tractor or the articulated loader, provided that it has an oil tank. In addition to this, the Equimunda can also be expanded with a fuel engine and a valve block.

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