Healthier horses with color therapy

As a horse owner, obviously, you do everything to ensure that the horses feel as good as possible. Especially now that the temperatures are starting to fall and the days are shortening, the horses can sometimes use a little something extra. You quickly think about supplying supplements or paying extra attention to the warm-up and cooling down. But a product whose enormous contribution is sometimes underestimated during the colder days is the solarium. Because apart from the wonderful warmth that a solarium produces, there are many other benefits that you wish you’d heard of before.

Quicker recovery
When you ask a horse owner how the solarium is mainly used, you usually get the answer: ‘To dry-up faster after training or washing’. But recent studies have shown that the solarium can be used for many more purposes. The infrared lamps not only provide a wonderful warmth but also improve blood circulation in the horse’s muscles. Did a horse train intensively? Then the infrared lamps make that the blood sugar is absorbed faster by the muscles which makes them recover faster. This effect of the infrared lamps also makes the solarium suitable for use before a workout.

 Color therapy
It is quite possible that the aforementioned information is already known by you, but what’s new to most people is our MaXuss Thera. The MaXuss Thera is among the most advanced solariums at the moment. What makes this solarium so special is that, besides making use of the conventional infrared lamps, also blue, green and yellow lamps are being used. Based on Eastern healing methods, it has been discovered that by combining these colors, the energy field of the horse can be influenced. The positive and beneficial effect of the colored lights brings the horse more in harmony. Every color has its own effect.

Blue – calming and harmonizing on metabolism and intestinal activity

Green – calming and relaxing effect on the organs. Hereby the detoxification of the body is stimulated.

Yellow – brings new energy and helps remove waste from the body.

Red – stimulates, activates and vitalizes the body.


At Equitrend we have a wide range of different solariums. From basic models to the most advanced. You can also contact us for various parts for solariums such as lamps, timers, lifts etc.

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