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Feeding your stabled horses in 2020 style

In this day and age, more and more electric vehicles are developed to relieve the environment. We all know electric cars, scooters and buses, but also in the equine sector an increase of everyday utensils are modernized and made electric. This is of course not only of benefit for the environment but also for you […]

Make your outdoor arenas winterproof!

We can’t get away from it, but winter is coming. For most people, winter is the season of ‘comfortably sitting on the couch’. But for the horsey people among us this is completely different story. With rainy weather it can sometimes be quite challenging to continue training in the winter as fanatically as in summer. […]

Healthier horses with color therapy

As a horse owner, obviously, you do everything to ensure that the horses feel as good as possible. Especially now that the temperatures are starting to fall and the days are shortening, the horses can sometimes use a little something extra. You quickly think about supplying supplements or paying extra attention to the warm-up and […]

Equita Lyon

30 October – 3 November

Let us tell you about our HayGains

Dry and dusty roughage is a problem that many horse owners will recognize. Especially with the changing temperatures of the past period, it is even more common that the quality of the roughage deteriorates rapidly. Consider for example traces of mold on the roughage that can be found regularly. This is one of the reasons […]

This is how you muck out 12 stalls in one go

Autumn is just around the corner, which for many horse owners means that the horses will be stabled more and the time of mucking out will start again. Certainly not everybody’s hobby but with our electric wheelbarrow it can become fun! Still we understand that when the rain comes pooring down, you would rather not […]

From now on, mucking out is going to be fun!

Mucking out, certainly when having to do multiple stables, is a complete workout. Most wheelbarrows are suitable for mucking out one stall, which means that you either have to walk back and forth several times, or have to fill up the wheelbarrow super full. The first option takes up lots of time, the second risks […]

The burden of carrying poles

What would be better than in the summer setting up a jumping course in the outdoor arena without having to carrie around the obstacles endlessly? Not much indeed! Not everyone has the luxury to leave the obstacles in the arena after building a jumping course. Many riders will therefore be carrying and lifting poles time […]

Make a ‘safety-zone’ from your own arena

An accident can be just around the corner at any time. Fortunately, more and more attention is being paid to reduce the severity of accidents in equestrian sports. But when it comes to improving safety, it is often about wearing an approved helmet or body protector. Adjustments to the environment, such as the arena, are […]

The feeder that should not be missing in your stables

We all want the best for our horses. They get the best tack, the best stables, the best therapies; nothing is too much to ensure that our horses are well. Yet, we often notice that in the area of nutrition things can be improved significantly. For example, at too many yards, it is not possible […]

Equitana 2019

9 – 17 March 2019 – Düsseldorf


23 t/m 25 november Maastricht

Horse Event

14 – 16 September

Pferd Bodensee

16 – 18 February 2018

Amadeus Horse Indoors

About to start: 4 days Amadeus Horse Indoors in Salzburg, Austria.  

Horses Product of the Year 2017

Equitrend participates in the competition Horses Product of the Year 2017. We hope to win with the great product Haygain Forager (slowfeeder). Help us to win by voting via this link. Also don’t forget to share our post on Facebook and like our Equitrend page. If you do that, you might win a free HayGain […]

Wheelbarrow behind Quad

On this picture you see the wheelbarrow behind a Quad. We delivered it at one of our customers this week. Isn’t it cool?!

JIM Maastricht

Equitrend is also represented at Jumping Indoor Maastricht. We have a stand together with Haygain, Nanopa and Equivitalfit.

Fiera Cavalli Verona

We are at Fiera Cavalli Verona together with Nanopa and Haygain! It is a great mix of Equitana, Indoor Brabant and Paard & Koets, but then the Italian way.

Used machines available

We have several used Equilizer-Arena levelers in stock. So contact us for these 2nd hand working machines!